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New Light-bot in the Works!

2013-03-27 13:09:43 by Coolio-Niato

A new light-bot game is in the works!
It is going to have revamped UI, levels, and graphics as well as be more education oriented, all ages, and crossplatform!

Head to for details!

New Light-bot in the Works!


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2013-03-27 13:16:56

I like your Light-bot games. They are challenging and really make you think. I hope you put medals in this one, too.


2013-09-27 23:41:54

I saw a kid in the After-School program I work at playing your game on his Ipad. He showed it to me and I instantly realized what it was without much of an explanation. A tear almost came to my eye as I realized how great of an introduction to programming this game is for these kids. Great job- you're doing better work in the world than you probably know!