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Coolio-Niato's News

Posted by Coolio-Niato - September 28th, 2016

Hey everyone!

We're happy to announce that we're looking to launch a new learn-to-code game very soon!

Here's a screeny:


We're looking to commission a musician to make a few songs for the game! Our ideal sound would be very nintendo-esque/super mario 64ish. 

Please post examples to work below, but most importantly, links to music that can most closely give an idea of your experience making video-game music. Looking for light and upbeat, not chiptuney.

If you have friends who are interested but are not on NG, you can have them reach me at danny [at] lightbot /dot/ com 



Posted by Coolio-Niato - May 1st, 2014

Hey everyone :) Lightbot started out way back when on Newgrounds, so it's only natural to come back here for when I want to go even further with it!

For those of you who dont know, Lightbot is a game that can be described as a puzzle game with programming components. Now, it's been re-developed into a cross-platform app specifically designed for fun+educational purposes (teaching basic Computer Science)

Right now, I'm looking for a remote artist who can do awesome illustrations with the Lightbot character, and of course, you'd be paid :) A more specific description is that we want a graphic illustrator/designer, someone who can create graphic designs for the Lightbot brand, including HD character designs for website, merchandise and social presence.

The requirements for the position are fairly obvious: proficiency with graphic and design tools, including Photoshop and/or Illustrator and/or Flash, as well as having a graphic & web design portfolio of personal projects or past work projects to showcase artistic and design talent (or artwork under your Newgrounds account that I could see).

If you have any friends who'd be a good fit, please direct them here as well :)1262565_139896296592_jump_960.png

Posted by Coolio-Niato - June 19th, 2013

Light-bot has just been released for iOS and Android, a completely revamped version of the original light-bot, with new graphics, UI and challenges.

You can get the full game (40 levels) for $1.99 or a LITE version (12 levels, still a lot of challenges) for FREE

Download links:
Full version : https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/light-bot/id6576 38474
Free LITE version : https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/light-bot/id6592 85751

Full version : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=co m.lightbot.lightbot
Free LITE version : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=co m.lightbot.lightbotlite
A flash LITE version will also be available soon.
Hope you all enjoy it! Lots of hard work was put in!

Light-bot released on iOS and Android!

Posted by Coolio-Niato - April 30th, 2013

A new light-bot game is in the works! Getting it working on Android, iOS and web platforms is tough but worth it. Head to light-bot.com for details and to sign up for beta!

And for those who want to dabble in cross-platform game development I seriously recommend Haxe/NME.

New Light-bot Game!

Posted by Coolio-Niato - March 27th, 2013

A new light-bot game is in the works!
It is going to have revamped UI, levels, and graphics as well as be more education oriented, all ages, and crossplatform!

Head to light-bot.com for details!

New Light-bot in the Works!

Posted by Coolio-Niato - August 3rd, 2010

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of updates, but just letting y'all know I'm still making games all summer :) Rhythm Rockets is out on Armorgames and I just released One Step Back on Newgrounds!

Rhythm Rockets was made as a feel-good happy music game where you just enjoy the nice visuals to 5 great NG songs or any song you import of your own.

One Step Back is a puzzle game that uses your past selves, but instead of having them help you they hinder your progress. Inspired by Braid, Company of Myself and multiple titles by Gregory Weir.


New game! One Step Back

Posted by Coolio-Niato - July 20th, 2010

Hey y'all.

I am working on a new rhythm game! A game of music and wonder and beats and explosions! This is a call out to all music artist and NG music fans alike-

Link me to the songs on Newgrounds you want to see be in the game! If I like it I'll get in contact with the artist and ask for permission to use it! If you are the music artist, PM me as well!

I am looking for Dance/Techno/Pop genres with fairly strong beats that you can rock your head out to. If you know the kind of song that will work perfectly for this, just comment below!

Lend me your Ears! Music Wanted!

Posted by Coolio-Niato - June 12th, 2010

This summer I'm out of University on Co-op term... at Armor Games! I have to say, it's an amazing experience. I love my team and the work environment- it's alot of fun being surrounded by other flash game developers 24/7.

And so, I've been working on a lot of new stuff for you guys to play;

Triggerman has just been released on Newgrounds and the long awaited sequel to Lighbot has been posted on Armor Games!

Next I'm diving into some multiplayer stuff- who knows how that'll turn out :)

Have fun playing and expect to see more soon!

New games for all: Triggerman & Lighbot 2.0

Posted by Coolio-Niato - February 3rd, 2010

Well, as some of you may know I participated in the GLOBAL GAME JAM and made a game in under 48 hours. I teamed up with a level designer/musician as well as someone else who wanted to help out with background art. Needless to say, after many many long hours we completed


and the entire experience of building this game has taught me something. It's not enough to want to make something. It's not enough to grab incentive to create from entering a 48 hour marathon. It's not feasible to have a severe lack of sleep and expect your game to become what you wanted it to. I started off wanting this game to be fun, challenging and overall a tribute to Bytejacker. I ended up with a game that I felt was a bit buggy with the wall jumps but possibly still enjoyable. It was nowhere near how awesome I wanted it to be, I didn't spend tons of time on graphics or code optimization. I ended up with something much more subpar than I could have hoped. And the strange thing is now I don't know if I should expand on it simply because of the response it's received.

But then again I think, rather, I learned, it's not important what other people are saying about the game. That may sound obvious, but really its not, not unless they give you great advice on how to improve it it doesn't matter whether others like it or not. What should be truly important in a game developer's mind is that you're enjoying what you are making. And for the first time in a long while I did. I had the best 35 (i slept a bit) hours this weekend jamming with other Uni of Waterloo students and felt genuinely happy working on the project. Those feelings have died down a bit now, but as I realize this, I understand that appealing to the public is not necessarily the way to go. Make something you like. If others like it too, great. If not, who cares. I know many developers do this and more often than not they don't. So whether this be explicit to begin with, it was a wake up call for me.

Best of love to those who loved and hated I HATE ICE LEVELS.


Posted by Coolio-Niato - January 26th, 2010


Unless you'be been living under a rock the past 5 years you will already know that GLOBAL GAME JAM is coming up this Friday!

And if you don't know, you sad, sad excuse for a person, then this is what it is:
A 48 hour game marathon! You participate in making a game over the course of Fri to Sunday at the same time as thousands of others are worldwide!

Many major cities have their own location(s) for participating and lots of universities do as well.

So basically, if you have any desire to make video games, want to exercise your skills or maybe just don't have the right incentive lately, I SAY GO FOR IT. Team up with a programmer if you can only draw/animate. Team up with an artist if the best you can draw could not get you a pass in kindergarten. Meet people on site and be inspired!

PS. I'm participating at the University of Waterloo location, can't wait :)