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Light-bot released on iOS and Android!

2013-06-19 23:17:20 by Coolio-Niato

Light-bot has just been released for iOS and Android, a completely revamped version of the original light-bot, with new graphics, UI and challenges.

You can get the full game (40 levels) for $1.99 or a LITE version (12 levels, still a lot of challenges) for FREE

Download links:
Full version : 38474
Free LITE version : 85751

Full version : m.lightbot.lightbot
Free LITE version : m.lightbot.lightbotlite
A flash LITE version will also be available soon.
Hope you all enjoy it! Lots of hard work was put in!

Light-bot released on iOS and Android!


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2013-06-20 03:08:24

Coolio, is this why you havn't released anything in awhile? I've been a long time fan an you were one of the few to inspire me to make games

Coolio-Niato responds:

This and university :P You can check out some more of my latest games at Armor Games.


2013-06-21 13:50:41

Oh shit you're still alive.