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Have I had this much fun with a soundboard. This was epic on every level. Loved it. STRANTH?! ESEY!!?!?! I seem to just randomly insert those words into daily conversation now > <"

Awesome job on a great working soundboard. And to the Voice Actor, just simply brilliant work!

Great for the time limit!

Very enjoyable concept! Not the most original but the elements you had in it worked so nicely. I really liked the fact that you added a slow down button- worked really well with the controls as they were in this game. And the art! My god Xelu you always amaze.

Great job guys!

Severely underrated :(

Although I will admit like a few others- the controls kinda sucked, it wasn't so much the movement as the acceleration and the edge landing (how it would push you off to the side of the platform)

Putting that aside, the graphics were phenomenal! The amount of gameplay was great! The replay value was high! The time I spent playing this instead of doing actual work was severely one-sided. I enjoyed the cute factor, the puzzle factor and the reaction-time-ing-ness. You could really feel the amount of work that was put into the game, and I'm still only on World 5. Great stuff, your work has progressed a hella lot since the last stuff I've seen you make. And I'm also kind of a sucker for silliness in games :3

9/10 cause of the controls, but +1 cause it really pushed the bounds of how lengthy yet enjoyable a Flash game can be. I also enjoyed the constant change in powerup on the different stages (especially double flip and icy breath)

Great going :D

Jindo responds:

I'll see if I can adjust the acceleration, thanks a lot for your feedback!

Definitely one of my favorites of yours.

Great stuff. All mouse controlled, simple interaction, fun gameplay, constant powerups, skill required, nice bitmap effects, casual in a way but hectic at other points, i could go on and on...

This is what I would think a Popcap game development team would make, its design is perfect, so much congratulations on what is now my fave game you've ever made :)

In my opinion...

That was a perfect game. Extremely well executed; great graphics, sound effects, game idea, design, and progressive difficulty. It's really something you would expect to play on a console more so than a flash game. What great is that you took an already existing game mechanic and totally made it your own, making destroying objects (in this case people) not optional, as well as making them MOVE which is in itself a stroke of genius.

Great stuff. The little details really made it all come alive.

Like I said, a perfect game. Wish I could pull together something so
tight in every way.

-Coolio 10/10

The circuilarity...

How maddening! Can't you make a single game that has an actual ending?! Dammit John! This is second worst ending only to Maverick.

Anyways, nice job, I enjoyed much more than I thought I would, or should :)


So deserved first!

That was great. Very nice graphics, good and lengthy, fun and challenging at some points, with constantly changing levels. The swarm of alien invaders caught me off guard tho lvl 19 or so.

Cool stuff, keep it coming :)

Highscore getting...

has never been this fun. Or at least as far as I remember... It finally reminded me why having highscore tables adds to the fun of a game, and the wide variety of quality minigames was great. I especially liked the world explorer game, it was so interesting to learn about obscure countries, and it was great that when I got something wrong it'd point me to where the correct place was.

Great programming, fun gameplay, nice graphics molkman, overall great :D

So random!

Wow. Very ingeniously clever. Almost nothing to do, but it was great fun nonetheless.

I played both versions.

The first one when it came out and now this one. There are some noticeable improvements in this version and I commend you for them. It lost some of its difficult retro charm from the first version tho, but it was fun nonetheless. Keep it up.


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